Blogging Down the New Year: Naperville Animal Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2014

kittenWe’ve covered fleas and ticks. We’ve covered laser therapy. We’ve covered allergies, and Lyme disease, and how to make the road trip with Rover a success. Throughout the year, we have focused on some of the most pressing, important issues when it comes to pet care and ensuring a healthy, well-behaved pet. And, we appreciate your dedicated readership, questions, and feedback.

We thought a sort of “blog in review” would be a great way to wind down a fantastic, eventful year. With that in mind, these are the year’s most read blogs. We hope you enjoy them again – or for the first time, if you missed a few. Continue…

Gifts that Keep On Giving: The Importance of Charitable Donations to Animal Causes

iStock_000024726165_LargeThroughout the year, animal shelters, rescue groups, animal welfare organizations, and other animal-friendly nonprofits help save and improve the lives of animals throughout the nation and the world. These organizations work on limited funds and with many dedicated volunteers, so money can be spent helping more animals in need.

As we consider our own pets and how much we love them, let us consider opening our hearts to the millions of animals worldwide who also need compassionate animal defenders to lend a hand. After all, who can look into the eyes of a beloved pet and not appreciate how much our pets bring to our lives every day?

Although monetary donations are sorely needed to help manage the cost of day-to-day operations, veterinary care, food, supplies, and other necessities involved in rescuing animals, there are myriad ways you can be of assistance. Here are but a few powerful ways you can support animals this season (and year-round). Continue…

The Benefits of Taking Your Cat To The Groomer

iStock_000012627946_LargeWhen it comes to grooming, cats have it handled, right?

Many pet owners are convinced that cats don’t need extra help in the grooming department since they seemingly come pre-equipped with all the necessary tools. That special tongue, not unlike sandpaper, paired with amazing flexibility and dexterity should be enough for any cat to clean themselves properly; or so we think. However, when it comes to the full spectrum of grooming, cats do need outside help to achieve good health and hygiene.

Since most cats absolutely abhor water and getting wet, the idea of taking them to a professional groomer may seem like a terrible and tortuous idea. But the benefits of professional cat grooming can truly have a far-reaching impact – and your cat may even enjoy the touch of the right groomer.

Besides the clean look and feel of your cat’s professionally groomed fur, regular grooming sessions allow for parasite inspection, checks for potential lumps and bumps, and necessary claw clipping. Continue…