What is a Pet Emergency?

calling the vetEmergencies are an unfortunate aspect of pet ownership. No one wants to have to deal with a sick or injured pet, but being prepared for these situations is important so that we can help you to help your pet.

Sometimes it is difficult to know if a situation is even an emergency. Take a few minutes to be sure you know what pet problems need to be seen urgently and how to handle them.

How to Know if a Pet Problem is Urgent

It can be difficult to know if a problem with your pet needs immediate attention or if it can wait. Some problems should be evaluated without delay. These include: Continue…

October is a Perfect Time to Adopt A Shelter Pet

Dog in a Car Window and enjoy road tripOf the 70 million homes across the United States, 63% of those provide love, companionship, nurturing, nutrition, and safety to at least one pet. Those numbers seem to tell a happy story of successful pet partnership in a country that loves and respects companion animals.

However, in the animal shelters and rescues across the U.S., a different story is unfolding. There are approximately 5,000 shelters nationwide that provide safety for the 5 million homeless, lost, or abandoned animals each year. If those animals are not either reunited with his or her owner, adopted, or placed with another adoption facility or foster home, they will likely face euthanasia.

To bring awareness to the plight of shelter animals, join the national movement to Adopt A Shelter Pet during the month of October. There are many ways you can get involved if you aren’t able to adopt a pet and we’ll share how. Continue…