Keeping Older Pets Active

Running purebred dogOur pets are living longer than ever, and it’s no accident. Pets today have better nutrition, preventative care, and treatment options than they ever have before.

As our beloved pets age, though, they often require extra care. They need to visit the veterinarian more frequently and may need additional help through medications, laser therapy, physical therapy, or pet massage to feel well or truly thrive. They may also need special accommodations to stay active.

Why Keeping Older Pets Active Matters

Keeping your senior citizen moving is important, but do you know why? Maintaining an active lifestyle for senior pets has many benefits, including: Continue…

Emergency Pet Care You Can Count On

Female Veterinary Surgeon Treating Dog In SurgeryAs you know, accidents and unexpected illness can strike at any time, and the same is true for our pets.To help you and your four-legged friend through any pet emergency, Naperville Animal Hospital’s emergency pet care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order to provide emergency veterinary services to the pets in our community, no matter what.

Pet emergencies come in many forms, whether it’s a dogfight, a car accident, the accidental ingestion of something poisonous, frostbite, or heat stroke, it seems as if there is a potential pet emergency no matter the time of year, or the breed you own.

We know that your pet’s health is important to you, and it is equally important to us. That’s why Naperville Animal Hospital provides pet emergency services that utilize the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques and equipment in order to treat your pet, no matter the circumstances. Continue…

Naperville Animal Hospital Loves Your Cat!

iStock_000001064221_MediumAt Naperville Animal Hospital, we know you love your cat and want the very best for your fancy feline. Cats have a special survival skill of hiding illness. Combined with the challenge of getting some cats into their carriers, we try to make your visit a positive one and make it easier to give your kitty the care he or she needs.

We’re cat lovers, too, and we know that cats need a little special TLC when it comes to veterinary care. Stress is no fun for humans and animals alike; and our cat-friendly environment helps ensure that your kitty gets the care he or she needs without the anxiety.

Some of the cat-friendly offerings we have at Naperville Animal Hospital include: Continue…