Summer Fitness for Pets

Are you and Fido striving for the perfect bikini body this summer?  Follow these tips to ensure a safe experience for you both!

  • Stay hydrated!  You both should have plenty of fresh water available to keep your body functioning at its peak.  Many pet retailers sell portable dog bowls so you don’t have to share a water bottle.
  • Make sure your pet can keep up with you.  Pets that are not used to heavy activity are going to experience even more difficulties in the heat.  Very young or old dogs may have a harder time in hot weather.  Also, certain breeds with short noses such as Boxers, Boston terriers, Pugs, and Bulldogs are prone to overheating due to their anatomy despite their fitness level.
  • Swimming can be a fun activity but be sure to allow your dog to participate in a safe manner.  Not all dogs are natural swimmers.  They should be supervised at all times when in the water.  If you allow your dog in your swimming pool, teach him where the steps are.  A dog’s natural instinct is to try to get out of the nearest edge, which is usually not the way out.  Never allow your dog to swim in areas where you would not swim.  Pool water and lake/pond water can be irritating to the skin and can cause skin and/or ear infections.   Dogs should be rinsed with clean water and ears cleaned after every swim.

Think Adoption

Did you know that the ASPCA estimates that in the United States there are over 70 million stray cats alone? And 5 out of 10 dogs and 7 out of 10 cats are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them?  Both are compelling reasons to consider adopting your next pet.

If you are considering taking on a new animal, take time to research and determine what type of pet best suits your family.  Be sure that you are able to fully commit your time, dedication, and resources, including unexpected medical expenses.

Many shelters and rescues require that interested parties demonstrate their ability to be good pet parents.  This may include an application, references, and/or a small adoption fee.  Rescues are a great avenue for owners who would like a purebred pet, however your local shelter can be a wonderful resource as well.

By adopting an animal, you are providing a home to an otherwise unwanted pet.  It is a great feeling to be able to offer something like that, and in return you will almost certainly receive a lifetime of unconditional love and appreciation.