Do Pets Grieve and Understand Loss?

For those of us who share our homes with pets, we often intuitively know when they want our attention, need some cuddles, or aren’t feeling their best. Through their behaviors, we understand a great deal about them, despite not sharing a common language.

From happiness and joy to sadness and anxiety, many astute pet owners will also attest to a range of emotions in their pets. Still, the emotional lives of animals is a subject of debate among animal behaviorists and other researchers.

That’s why The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital have set out to understand how pets grieve and experience loss.


All You Need Is Love: Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tips

Valentines_iStock_000011197177_MediumValentine’s Day is all about love, and if you’re like most pet owners, chances are you love your pets as much (if not more!) than most of the humans you know. Many pet owners even report preferring to spend the evening at home, snuggled up on the couch with their furry loved-ones, than out on the town with a significant other… and we don’t blame them one bit!

The romantic goodies associated with Valentine’s Day can be wonderful for humans, but many of them pose serious risks to our four-legged friends. Our Valentine’s Day pet safety tips will help you keep your pet safe and at home with you, where he or she belongs.


Leaders of the Pack: The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Purebred Shetland Sheepdog outdoors on grass meadowIf you could measure your dog’s intelligence, what criteria would you use? For many dog owners, traits like responsiveness, obedience, and good behavior might come to mind when factoring intelligent dog breeds.

The study of canine cognition and behavior is nothing new. From Pavlov to more recent studies on emotional intelligence, learning about sociable pack animals like dogs have helped us gain insight into their world and into human behavior.

While you may think your dog is the smartest one around, there are specific metrics used to determine intelligent dog breeds and why they excel.


To Look Ahead, We Acknowledge Our Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of 2016

Enjoying a day together.Lists, lists, and more lists! We just got through the most hectic time of the year, wherein one to-do list topples another. We scratched off our accomplishments or drew asterisks next the ones that take priority, and the fact is, we are pretty amazed at all there is left to do! That’s why we’re taking this particular moment to make yet another list, but we can assure you: this one is quite special.

Over the course of the previous twelve months, The Pet Experts attempted to skillfully craft meaningful pet care blogs for one sole purpose: to help and educate our clients and readers. From the difficult to the amusing, we tried to tackle a range of subjects that we felt appealed to our large community of pet owners, and you gave us relevant feedback.


The Gift of Love: Helping Animals in Need this Holiday Season

Big ears, upside down.The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on all that we are grateful for, including family, friends, and, of course, our pets. Often, these feelings of thankfulness prompt us to wonder how we can help others less fortunate than ourselves.

If you have found yourself wondering how you can give back to an underserved segment of our society, or would like to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism in younger members of your family, The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital can help. We have plenty of ideas for pet lovers everywhere about how to help animals in need this holiday season, and all year long.


Ringing in the New Year with Resolutions for You and Your Pet

Winter joy on the snowThe beginning of the New Year marks a time for change for many of us – and typically, our resolutions revolve around health and well-being. Since our pets can also benefit from an overhaul of daily care, exercise, and general health, The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital want to encourage you to create some resolutions for you and your pet.

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

Goals can be motivating, especially when you involve your pet. Here are some possible ideas to encourage a healthier, happier 2017.


Our Favorite Animal Instagrams of 2016

Cat Sleeping by a WindowIf you are like The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital, you probably enjoy a good smile every day from the animal posts that flood your newsfeed on social media.

Over the year, a few animal Instagrams have made it to the top of our list, and we wanted to share our favorites with you!

A Little Inspiration

If you need a reminder that your challenges in life don’t make you any less capable, you need only to look to the animal kingdom for some inspiration. We often refer to the sweet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux to help us remember how special we are.

This very special cat from New Orleans was born without her front legs, but still manages to live life to the fullest. You can’t help but smile when you see her Instagram posts.


From Aldrich to Zuri: Unusual Pet Names to Get Excited About

Happy Dogs at Dog SchoolPeople used to give animal companions monikers that described certain physical characteristics, such as Shaggy, Scruffy, and Spot, but contemporary trends point to pet names that are perfectly suited for people.

While names like Jake, Bella, Max, and Charlie are popular choices, there could be downsides to choosing a name that countless other pets have (think of the confusion at the dog park!). That’s why The Pet Experts at Naperville Animal Hospital came up with this list of unusual pet names sure to please the most unique and discerning pet owners. Enjoy!


You Can Learn to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth!

Think about dog's teeth healthUnfortunately, many owners are still reluctant to take pet dental care seriously, even though dental health is a strong indicator of overall health. From tooth loss to kidney disease, neglecting your pet’s mouth can have severe consequences.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way! To brush your pet’s teeth at home is the best preventive care strategy to protecting your dog or cat’s pearly whites. Keep reading to learn more about pet dental care and how to brush your pet’s teeth with ease.

The Chewing Myth

One of the reasons we often hear owners give for opting out of dental care is that wild animals don’t brush their teeth, they chew. While that’s partially true (some debris is removed by chewing sinew and bone), keep in mind that wild animals also don’t lead very long lives.

The Unfortunate Prevalence Of Feline Diabetes

Fat tabby cat is lying at the wood groundThere are some modern phenomenons that never fail to amuse us, but despite the prevalence of fat cats on Facebook, overweight or obese cats should not be among them. Definitely not a meaningful contributor to a cat’s cute factor, extra weight increases the odds of developing feline diabetes at an alarming rate – and the odds of a decreased lifespan. Find out if your cat may be at risk of feline diabetes, and what the future looks like after a diagnosis of diabetes.

Feline Diabetes is Preventable

Diabetes mellitus, or sugar diabetes, is a chronic disease resulting from obesity, but can also develop from pancreatitis, hormonal diseases, and even via certain medications. While it is incurable, it’s important to remember that it can be prevented by a balanced diet and exercise from kittenhood through the senior years. Continue…